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Can Flip Flops Mess With Your Feet?

As the summer approaches, a conversation I regularly have with most patients is staying away from flip flops. I always ask my patients, what is the most important structural piece of your home? They all answer the foundation. In regards to your body, your feet are your foundation. They need to be protected. I have […]

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Smart Dieting Plan

In today’s age we all want instantaneous results, most of us expect our diet changes to lead to immediate results, as well. Of course, we can’t expect to lose 10-20 pounds or be able to run a marathon instantaneously! The human body does not work that way. We have to start by setting reasonable goals […]

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Daily Doses of Aspirin

The Dangers of the Daily Aspirin Taking a daily aspirin in the hopes of preventing heart disease is a growing and worrisome trend. In a recent national survey, 52% of respondents in their middle age or older said they took a daily aspirin for such purposes. “…Long-term use of the drug also increases the risk […]

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